A change is as good as a rest

I’ve almost caught up with the huge backlog of blogs that have plagued me every time I’ve loaded Outlook for the last few months.  I subscribe to Feedblitz, which works wonders for neatly taking all of the blogs you regularly read and combining them into one simple daily digest.  At this point, I usually leave it in my inbox until I find the time to read the damn things, like a huge pile of mail building up whilst on holiday, I realised last Sunday that they stretched back to August – that was one daily digest per day, for six months…  Well I’m pleased to say that after a week of furious speed reading, I’m now caught up to January 10th (2013…) so I’m finally happy, nay proud, to open my nice (almost) clean inbox.


Reading a quote from one of the posts – Jurgen Wolff’s Time to Write blog, from the 10th January, he listed a few quotes by writers.  One in particular hit home – “You only fail if you stop writing” Raymond Bradbury.  Jurgen went on to say that if you keep being knocked back, maybe a change is as good as a rest.  I’ve been wrestling with a large project recently – a comedy drama series that I developed as part of my Screenwriting MA a few years ago.  I had to prepare a series bible and a pilot script.  I was rather proud of the series I developed and the bible to showcase it, but the script itself was rushed through to meet a deadline right at the end of the course and I never felt it did the series justice.


I pitched the project during the London Screenwriter’s Festival last October and it helped to develop it further – a few of the lectures about the protagonist and their journey turned the project on its head and I think I may have something really quite promising to offer now.  I’ve been working on this for the last few weeks, but it’s burnt me out a little – coming back to an old project that you’ve already reworked countless times can be a little depressing.


To counteract this feeling of lethargy, this weekend I began work on a short fifteen-minute play, having recently read Alan Ayckbourn’s Crafty Art of Playmaking.  I’ve had a few ideas swirling around in my head for about a year, that I’m now committing to paper, just nice for a change.  I’ll post some more about it on here when it’s in a better form…

About Adam Brown

Screenwriting MA graduate with experience of Radio 4 sitcom development, continuing drama, children’s TV and feature animation.
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