London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012

WOW.  Long time no blog, I’d apologise but I doubt anyone’s reading an abandoned blog.  Just in case someone does stumble over this post in a moment of mis-googling madness… I’m sorry.

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last blogged.  Last time I added a post it was with blistered post-NaNoWriMo scarred fingers.  I’d just finished a 50,000 novella version of my TV comedy drama – ‘Those Dreaming Spires’.  Well it’s been eleven months and not much has happened with it as I’ve been working on a few other projects, which I’m very excited about, but which must remain confidential, sadly, for the foreseeable future.

I’ve just returned from the London Screenwriters’ Festival, which ran Fri-Sun at Regent’s College, London.  Must admit, I’m sat in a bit of a daze today, trying to come to terms with the mix of screenwriting craft lectures, awe-inspiring industry panels and networking opportunities crammed into the three days.

Every session pointed towards areas that I need to improve on and I came away with a long ‘to do’ list of projects, in short must rebuild my website, must re-write EVERYTHING, must actually send things out (as Doug Naylor said “nothing’s ever finished”) and must must must blog…

But there were new areas that it opened up as well – projects I’ve often considered but not had the time to approach,  I think I need to dive in and just have a go at them now.  They might be a distraction away from screenwriting, but as Craig Batty and Zara Waldeback (authors of The Creative Screenwriter)  said – you need to test your creativity, push it different directions.  Zara likened this to a pianist practicing scales, you can’t spend all of your time working on one project or you block up and motivation leaves you.

I know I need to be careful not to allow too many distractions in, but I think a new direction to try would be:

  • Animate a short sketch I wrote a few years ago, as Peter Thornton, Creative Head of Comedy at the BBC said he might struggle to read a script, but would always click on a link to a short film or animation)
  • Turn the eight episodes I planned for Those Dreaming Spires into a series of short ebooks to try to build an audience for the series before taking it to production companies.

Neither of these new directions are going to be easy, but I think they’ll be a great leap forward, just need to get on with them and stop procrastinating!

I promise the next post will be sooner than next September!  (and hopefully this year…)

About Adam Brown

Screenwriting MA graduate with experience of Radio 4 sitcom development, continuing drama, children’s TV and feature animation.
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